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Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Log Data

Here's a plot to date.

Full moon was late March, new moon was 4/14, we are approaching full moon again at the end of the month.   

Maximum negative declination was around 4/4, the moon was on the equator at about 4/12, and maximum positive declination was around 4/19.

Here's a potential simplified explanation of what's going on:

There was a big storm with NE winds late in March, along with the full moon.  Large tidal ranges resulted.

In early April, the large negative (below equator) lunar declination resulted in a larger diurnal component.   Smaller tidal range caused by lunar phase.

Around 4/12 the tide looks more semi-diurnal, presumably as the moon is at the equator.   I am surprised not to see more tidal range at the new moon around 4/14 (I cannot remember what the wind was doing).

Looks like the diurnal component increases again as we approach 4/19, and the lunar declination is at its maximum above the equator.

I am curious what is happening to the running average tide level.  It seems to bounce around a bit.   Some of this might be wind (for example the strong NE winds in late March), and maybe some is astronomical.   

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